UMC’s manufacturing history spans nearly 4 decades and as a result we are capable of meeting virtually any production goal of our customers. UMC’s capabilities include casting, machining, and fabricating components of any size in many different materials. In addition, we are capable of manufacturing various electrical products such as AC & DC motors for any application as well as injection molded plastics and more.

Similarly to UMC’s extensive manufacturing capabilities, we possess expert logistics to meet customer demands anywhere in the world. Our customers get exactly what they need when they need it and we are there when they need us most.

Please see below for more details on UMC’s capabilities:

Contract - Casting


UMC has the capability to cast small, medium and large size castings of the following materials: iron, steel, aluminum bronze, bronze and aluminum. Methods used are sand casting and die casting.

Contract - Machining


UMC has the CNC machining centers to machine castings, forgings and more. Some examples are machined gears, gear cases, sprockets, splines, valve bodies, etc.

Contract - Fabricating


UMC has the capability to fabricate products from mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Contract - Electrical


UMC has the capability to manufacture various electrical components including CE & CCC certified AC and DC motors for any application as well as UL certified collector rings.

Contract - Plastics


UMC has the capability to manufacture injection molded plastics. Examples include plastic covers and pucks.

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Our Manufacturing Experience

UMC’s reputation speaks volumes. In our business, quality and customer relationships are paramount. Around the world our products are setting the benchmark for quality and standards of performance in the field.

Our Services

UMC is a family owned global company committed to providing the best quality irrigation, marine, and mixer components to exceed the demands and expectations of our customers and end users.

UMC Irrigation

Irrigation Drivetrain Components

Quality drivetrain products for Center Pivot Irrigation Systems.

UMC Marine

Commercial Marine Components

Quality marine products for commercial brown water & blue water applications.

UMC Mixer

Concrete Mixer Truck Components

Quality products for concrete mixer trucks.

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